Know Your Buyers' Traits

Know Your Buyers' Traits

Posted on November 16, 2017

A lot of B2B experts are encouraging companies to consider their buyers’ traits when building their marketing strategy. Have buyers' traits changed in the last few years? It doesn’t take an expert to know that this is true. Google has made it possible to buy almost anything and to research products and services with a click of a mouse. 


If that’s true, then why are in-person events and trade shows thriving in this era of deteriorating interpersonal communication skills? Because smart B2B marketers align their event marketing strategy with today’s B2B buyer traits. This article does a good job of pointing out these traits and the trade show strategy. 


They Research Online 

Sure they do… doesn’t everyone? They likely know a lot about your product/service before they approach your booth. They no longer need information. What they do need is value-added insights about what your product/service can do for them, and what you need is to build a relationship with them. 


They Crave Personalization

They want their vendor to truly understand their needs and offer solutions that will simplify their life. Timeliness, a strong knowledge of their company  and its needs, ability to show ROI and build a business case for purchase are top reasons buyers end up choosing a vendor.  As an exhibiting company, coming to a trade show with a one-size-fits-all strategy makes no sense. Instead, take the time to research who will be there, what are their needs, how can your product fill their needs?


They’re Social 

Of course they are! Today’s buyers rely on social media to gather information and seek guidance from their peers. Before the show even starts, you should be ready to join the conversation on social media. Research show hashtags and connect with other attendees. Continue participating in all the social media outlets during the show, and then after the show, connect with attendees via social media.

They Don’t Make the Buying Decision Alone 

On average, about 5 people are involved in today’s B2B purchase decision, according to CEB Global. That means exhibitors need to be extending their message beyond the trade show, writing follow-up blog content, videos, staying connected on social media.      


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