• DL-11334N



Inspire more traffic at your next event with a tension fabric display that delivers an upscale aesthetic and exceptional value. Inspire’s exclusive canopy converts into eye-catching shapes using the same canopy cover. It’s like getting four display designs for the price of one!
Interchangeable functionality enables you to easily mount accessories specific to each presentation directly to sturdy aluminum extrusions. Mix and match or rearrange options like iPad holders, monitors, product pedestals, brochure holders and more!
A 10’ Inspire display – canopy with cover, seamless SEG printed fabric panel, set of lights and set of fins – packs in just one wheeled case weighing less than 120 lbs that ships UPS or FedEx. Additional accessories pack in a second case.
Inspire is a budget stretching solution because it’s scalable so it expands or contracts to serve multiple venues. This 10’ Inspire tension fabric display connects to another to form an impressive 20’ inline. It also converts into a 4’ wide kiosk or even a table top with the purchase of additional fabric graphic panels.


  • Tension Fabric Graphics
  • Overhead Messaging
  • Sculpted Accent Fins
  • Inkjet Graphics
  • iPad2 Mount
  • Inspire Extrusion Framework
  • Inspire Baseplates
  • Inspire Canopy
  • Pedestal Counter


7' 9" H x 9' 2" W

Approximate Weight:
Packed: 300 lbs
Dim.: 220 lbs

2 FlatPack 300 Cases