Xpressions Connex 20ft Kit A

  • Xpressions Connex 20ft Kit A


Xpressions CONNEX from Thompson Kerr Displays, transforms the Xpressions® SNAP pop-up into an exciting modular display system perfect for trade show or event environments. The key to unlocking your creativity is a simple innovation to the Xpressions® SNAP frame: a simple clip on the hub and the addition of a trapezoid and square connecting shelf along with the original rectangular shelf. Connecting the frames at different angles or in straight lines adds yet another dimension to the Xpressions® exhibit. Dynamic connecting skins are used in combination with square, trapezoid or rectangular connecting shelves to create dramatic inline spaces, concave and convex configurations. Even create octagon islands for eventx.
* 5 - 1x3 xnap frames * 5 - Lights * 2 - 1x3 skins * 4 - 1x3 hourglass skin * 9 - 1x1 skin * 8 - Square shelves Shipping Cases: * Xpressions CONNEX 20ft x 10ft Kit A - 2 Cases