Sponsorship ideas that pay off!!

Sponsorship ideas that pay off!!

Sponsorship ideas that pay off!!

Posted on June 22, 2017
Sponsorship Ideas That Pay Off

As you look toward the fall trade show season, consider trying a sponsorship at one of your shows. Many of the sponsorships shows offer are not worth investing in, but if you choose a sponsorship ( or suggest one to the show organizer that fits your needs and audience) that is relevant to your prospects, it can enhance the overall experience for you and your target audience. 

To get optimum results, just like with any other marketing activity, choose wisely and commit to participating in that sponsorship to the fullest. Many companies just pay to put their name and logo on something at a show, and don't actually engage with the prospects at all.

PREP BEFORE by establishing clear expectations, negotiate your activities, and train your staff. ANALYZE AFTER - gathering feedback, rewarding staff, and following up with qualified leads.

Below are some "outside the box" ideas that are not commonly offered, but it wouldn't hurt to ask show organizers if you could sponsor any of them:

On-site Wifi

Charging Stations
On-site Event Concierge
Professional Head Shot booth
First Timers Orientation Gathering
Airport Transport
Virtual Host

Click here to find out more about these ideas.

Show Case a Company Product or Donate a Product for Prizes
Host a Show Headliner or Speaker - booth time, autographs, photos, book signings

Click here for more about these ideas

Game Lounge - Pingpong, chess
Video Interviews
Naming Rights
Live Streaming
Creative Matching Ops

Click here for more about these ideas.

Good Luck!



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