Nomadic Instand with Foundation DL15420N

  • Nomadic Instand with Foundation DL15420N

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The Nomadic Instand with Foundation takes the ordinary Nomadic Popup to the next level. The addition of the foundation gives you a variety of different design elements that was previously unavailable before the introduction of Instand Foundation. The instand foundation connects to your exisiting Nomadic Instand display so there is no new framework that would need to be purchased if you already own a nomadic instand popup display. The instand foundation kit includes:
  • High-Impact Backlit Graphics
  • Integrated AV Workstation
  • Integrated Trade Show Counter
  • Sculpted Accent Wings
  • Contains Nomadic Instand Pop-up Frame Structure
  • Inkjet printed Graphics
  • Contains Lighting Solutions
  • Contains Extrusion
  • Foundation
  • Product Display
  • Workstations
  • Backlighting