LightenUp Backlit Displays

LightenUp Backlit Displays

LightenUp combines intelligent design with 4K Print Technology and our Illuminate™
backlit fabric to set a new standard for portable backlit displays. These Backlit displays can be used any time you want to call
attention to your message, including:

Trade Shows & Events
On a crowded trade show floor full of booths and displays,
it can be hard to get noticed. Backlit displays attract
attention and help you stand out from the crowd.

You have only seconds to capture a consumer’s attention
and backlit graphics are a great way to focus their attention
where it counts.

The glow of backlit graphics brings vibrancy to displays
and can even be used to visually guide patrons through
an exhibit.

Backlit displays create an inviting and welcoming environment,
which may even help reduce stress and anxiety that often
accompanies a trip to a clinic or hospital.

Hotels, convention centers, and restaurants need to be able
to quickly switch out graphics to support a constant turn
over of events. Backlit displays let your message be seen.