Increase Engagement in the Exhibit Hall

Increase Engagement in the Exhibit Hall

Posted on November 15, 2018

Increase Engagement in the Exhibit Hall





Robyn Davis, Trade Show Strategy Specialist, led a discussion at the HCEA Show recently concerning ways to increase engagement in the exhibit hall. Participants were a mix of corporations, associations, and industry partners.


The group came up with some interesting ideas from which everyone could gain value.


  • How to get attendees to come back after the first day?


Give them appealing reasons to visit, such as, food, sessions (industry experts

in the booth at slow times), completing charity or artistic projects, or giving

a special gift to those who come by the booth all show days.


  • How to get attendees to focus on exhibitors, without "watch/phone checking or other distractions?


Physically positioning them to face the booth, not the aisle, or engaging them in a

demo or game.


  • How to get the right team together and equip them to engage attendees?


Everyone agreed that the right strategic training makes the biggest impact. Utilize

staffers who are interested in participating and/or have value to add, not just using

the same staff at each show because that's been done in the past.


Engaging is the essence of trade show marketing, after all!


You can read Robyn's whole article by clicking here.





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