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Drive visitors to you with an island display that conveys your company's leadership position in the industry. This DesignLine modular display offers bold overhead signage so you're seen across the show floor, a greeting station and interactive kiosk with lockable storage, a casual seating area and plenty of graphic surfaces to communicate your message - - all for a Show Smart price.


  • Computer Workstations
  • Integrated A/V Workstation
  • Integrated Counter
  • Locking Storage
  • Inkjet Graphics
  • Tension Fabric Graphics
  • Tension Fabric Structure
  • Contains Lighting Solutions
  • Contains Extrusion
  • Open Seating Area
  • Multi Purpose Steel Sided Counter
  • Multi Purpose Steel Sided Kiosk


20' W x 20' D

Approximate Weight:
Packed: 2300 lbs
Dim.: 1640 lbs

4 FlatPack 300 Cases
2 RollMax Case