Embrace 4x3 front graphic with endcaps

  • Embrace 4x3 front graphic with endcaps
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Embrace 4X3 Full Height Pop Up Display w/Full Fitted Tension Fabric Graphic Assembled Unit: 117"w x 88.8"h x 28.94"d. 9 3/4' full height display. The display is a simple-to-assemble and sleek push-fit tension fabric collapsible display that combines a lightweight anodized silver frame with durable locking arms with push-fit fabric graphics to deliver style with minimal effort. 


Simply pop up the frame, slide channel bars (which hold the graphics) into place, attach the push-fit (SEG) fabric graphics, and you have a crease-free and modern display. It's that simple!

Footprint: 117"w x 88.8"h x 28.94"d

  • 10' full height standard display 
  • Sleek, collapsible portable display
  • Requires no tools for assembly, is lightweight, and highly portable
  • Features crisp, straight edges due to the simple push-fit fabric graphic attachment
  • All graphic sizes available with or without endcaps
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects