Cost Control Challenges Marketers

Cost Control Challenges Marketers

Posted on March 29, 2018

Cost control is a constant challenge marketers face. Companies push to do more with less.


Having been selling display products for over 20 years, I have learned first-hand about the differences in the quality of display products.


There are three areas of concern when you purchase a display: the display structure, the graphics, and the service. Some elements of each may be more important to you, as the buyer, than to others. Here are things to consider when you purchase:


Display Structure


Quality of the metal - Heavier, thicker metal is going to withstand use over time but add shipping weight and cost.

Packaging - The extra time and materials to package your parts in a way that

protects them from damage during shipping will save you money

Originality/customization - Both cost more money than a "kit", but if that's

not important to you, save your money to spend on something that is.




Materials - Graphics are printed on lots of different materials now, and the material

can make a big difference in how the graphics look and how they wear

over time.

Color Matching - Is color matching of your company colors or matching new graphics

to existing ones a priority? Make sure you can get that service.

Proofing - Eproofing is pretty standard now, and everyone should demand at least

that level of oversight, but if hard copy proofing is necessary, make sure

it's available.




Parts availability - Many "less expensive" options don't offer replacement parts. Maybe

that's ok, depending on the price point, but it can be frustrating if you don't know

that up front.

Warranty - Knowing what the warranty time frame and coverage is can make a

big difference if something breaks. A better warranty will probably

mean a bigger price, but it may be worth it.

Personalization - Do you have a good point-of-contact at your vendor? Some

are now doing away with that service, but I personally don't like to deal

with a company that doesn't have a designated customer service rep that knows me.

Knowledge - Experience is the best teacher, and when I have an experienced resource at

a vendor company, I have a higher level of comfort. That person can save me

when I don't know the questions to ask.