Burst 10x20 Kit E

  • Burst 10x20 Kit E
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BURST 20'w Fabric Popup Display Kit E

  • Two 2x3 Straight BURST popup frames
  • Three 1x3 Straight BURST popup frames
  • Five seamless stretch fabric graphics with endcaps printed via Kaleidoscope Select dye sublimation
  • Three Wheeled BURST Cases
  • Three Case-to-Counter Conversion Kits with fabric graphic skirts and blotter for a smooth writing surface
  • Four 150 watt Halogen Lights

Choose from three great fabrics for your BURST display graphic:

  • Brilliance - heavy knit material with a soft matte surface texture; features deep color saturation and great opacity; will remain great looking and wrinkle free use after use
  • Poly Knit - smooth surface with excellent wrinkle resistance and opacity
  • Gaming Suede - lightly napped, similar to felt; fantastic wrinkle-resistance and opacity

BURST portable 20'w displays fit perfectly into a 10'x20' exhibit booth space. Fabric graphics attach with heavy-duty Velcro and unfold with the frame, stretching to a completely smooth image across the display frame. Fabric graphics remain attached for packing which makes setup and take-down quick and easy.

Any time your message changes, you can change your BURST display fabric graphic without replacing the popup frame. This feature makes BURST a long-lasting durable portable display for your trade show exhibit program.