Mid-Year Time Out

Mid-Year Time Out

Mid-Year Time Out

Posted on July 12, 2017
Mid-Year Time Out

In the midst of the summer lull in trade show marketing, a mid-year assessment of your trade show program is in order. How have things gone so far? A little thought and some questions can allow you to make adjustments before your fall schedule begins.

You might ask yourself, and your staff, these questions, to get a good idea of how your trade shows are performing:

Did we achieve our main goal for each show?
             If not, the goal or the show needs to be evaluated. 

Did we collect qualified leads from each show, enter them in our CRM system, and follow-up with them in an appropriate and timely manner?
             If not, the definition of a qualified lead or the show needs to be evaluated.

How'd we do sticking to our budget for each show?
             Maybe some areas for saving money can be identified and implemented.

Were these facets of the trade show program "pulling their weight"?
             Booth space location and size?
             Attendees? Right demographic?
             Booth activities, promotions, giveaways?
             Pre-show promotion?
             Social media strategy?
             Booth staff?

In fact, the above questions would make a great post-show evaluation form, filled out by all booth personnel and marketing staff after all shows. The answers would then be readily available for your mid-year evaluation.

If you have all the information above, but would like help evaluating it, give me a call.  Sometimes an impartial set of eyes can make all the difference!