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Green Displays

If you have been asked "What's Green?" lately you are not alone! We have been listening to your requests and adding Green products to our line. Our answer, in short, is just what you have asked for - not more, not less. Here is "What's Green?" from Thompson/Kerr Displays: * Four Current Fabrics * One Multi-Purpose Substrate * Numerous Display Systems including Xpressions, Bamboo L & Bamboo Retractable Banner Stands Truth In Green The green topic gets so complex that when you get right down to it, the only true green display is no display at all. What's the answer then? Compromise. Compromise between cost while minimizing environmental impact. The result is ever increasing greener display. Use of recycled materials, creating a lighter system, inventing a more compact display, renting a display when purchasing is not necessary. Together we are continuing to search for the greener display option. Traveling economically, re-purposing displays, storage and overall efficiency are nothing new to our industry. Innovations in efficiency based on the nature of our industry are making existing green systems greener.

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