4 Visitor Engagement Technologies

4 Visitor Engagement Technologies

Posted on July 26, 2017
4 Visitor Engagement Technologies

Trade show visitors want to interact with companies and products, engaging and creating memorable experiences, networking and expanding business communities.

Following are 4 technology-based ideas for helping your company shine and produce a positive ROI from your trade shows. Click here for the full article.

Mobile Apps

Shows now usually offer a show app with a designated hashtag so that attendees can keep in touch easily. Exhibitors and attendees should put some personality into their posts, incentivizing the experience. And, there are a lot of apps available that you, the exhibitor or attendee, can download and use yourself - quicktapsurvey, leadature, iprizewheel, icapture. pixesnap.

Interactive Displays

Touchscreens and tablets are becoming more affordable, and can serve as the basis for surveys, contests, giveaways, incentives, and demos.

Social Media

Social media and trade shows are a match made in heaven. Fun and engaging should be the watchwords for Social Media promotion of your presence at a trade show. Before, during, and after the show, promote your company through pictures, tweets, a live tweet wall. Provide "social proof'  by highlighting customer testimonials, case studies, awards, prominent clients.

Phone Charging Station

Popular right now are charging stations. They can take many forms, like kiosks or tables, and give attendees a chance to charge their phone and relax for a bit. A few examples are below.